Original article posted by Benjamin’s Desk on June 1, 2015.

For over 10 years, Katie Everett has worked in strategic marketing, communications and event planning, and is bringing her wealth of knowledge and talent to the Benjamin’s Desk community as Social Impact Director.

As part of the Benjamin’s Desk team, Katie advises members and partners on innovative ways to incorporate social impact and community efforts into day to day operations. She also serves as the Startup Grind Community Manager. Katie and Benjamin’s Desk share strong community values and a true commitment to making a difference in Philadelphia and beyond.

Katie is the Founder of Philly Gives – a grass-roots, communications based social impact initiative. Her mission is to help non-profit organizations share their stories in meaningful and relevant ways. Philly Gives creates innovative communication tools, strategies and experiences to:

  • Increase public awareness of – and involvement in – social impact events and initiatives;
  • Enhance non-profit organizations’ ability to develop, curate and distribute their stories of impact while increasing their core support base;
  • Bring together passionate leaders in the social impact, business and media realms to exchange ideas and explore collaborations that improve the quality of life for residents of the Greater Philadelphia region.

“Storytelling is really the heart and soul of any great brand – it’s what inspires people to support a cause,” Katie explains. “Most non-profits are so focused on doing the great things that they’re doing every day, that they forget to tell their own story.”

How does Philly Gives support non-profit organizations?

  • Social Impact Calendar: They created a new central, public calendar of social impact initiatives and community events in the Greater Philadelphia region. Each featured event has a unique URL for simple and effective social media sharing. If it has to do with a great cause, we want to make sure everyone knows about it! Click here to upload your event for free.
  • Signature Projects and Events: They facilitate maximized and coordinated responses to immediate, tangible community needs by planning and executing a variety of projects and third party fundraising events throughout the year.
  • Non-Profit Marketing and Communications Workshops: They empower non-profit organizations to share their stories in a more powerful and effective way. We partner with industry experts to teach relevant, intensive workshops on strategic marketing, communications, branding and PR topics in order to ultimately build organizational in-house capabilities.

For more Philly Gives events, check out their website.