Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is definitely in the air! We’re not talking about expensive chocolates, candle light dinners and gold dipped roses (seriously, does anyone actually buy those?!). February at Philly Gives is all about celebrating the power that small acts of kindness have to change someone’s life, so we’re challenging YOU to do one thing each day this month for someone else (don’t worry, we already put together a cheat sheet for you!).

Don’t forget to share your acts of kindness with us on Facebook and Twitter so that others can be inspired by what you do! 


Day #1 Smile at a stranger (but not in a creepy way).

Day #2 Send someone a text that reads “Thank you for being you- I’m grateful to have you in my life.”

Day #3 Hold the door- or the elevator- for the person behind you (make sure you look them in the eye and smile at them).

Day #4 Pay for the person’s coffee behind you in line at Starbucks (or Dunkin’ Donuts).

Day #5 Leave an encouraging note for someone somewhere unexpected (like in a cab or in someone’s locker at the gym).

Day #6 Put your phone away when you’re in line at the coffee shop/grocery store, etc. and ask your barista/checkout clerk/etc. how their day has been (and really mean it)!

Day #7 Leave something sweet (cookies/chocolate) in in your mailbox with the flag up for your mailman (or woman!)

Day #8 Compliment a stranger’s scarf/hair/shoes/etc. (it has to be a genuine compliment!) and watch them light up!

The-great-acts-of-loveDay #9 Is your boss having a tough week? Leave a small token (like a bar of chocolate, a soothing candle or a calming tea) on their desk with a note that says, “Thought you might need this this week!”

Day #10 Write a letter to a soldier thanking them for their service. No idea how to mail it? You can send it for free through A Million Thanks and they’ll make sure it’s delivered!

Day #11 Ask someone for advice. Tell them you value their insight because you admire a specific quality or character trait about them!

Day #12 Ask if you can help. Whether it’s a tourist that looks lost, an older person that dropped something, or your co-worker that is running late on a big deadline- just ask if you can help!

Day #13 Refuse to label others. Don’t assume you know what someone has been through, or what their story is. If you have time, ask them. If not- at the very least- don’t label them based on your assumptions.

random-acts-of-kindnessDay #14 Refuse to gossip for 24 hours.

Day #15 Donate gently used toys/clothes that are still in great shape to a low income child care center, a local Salvation Army, or a shelter.

Day #16 Take cookies to your local volunteer fire department (they don’t even have to be home made).

Day #17 Buy 5 non-perishable food items on your next grocery trip and donate them (most ACME food stores have bags already set up that you can purchase at check-out and they’ll donate them for you!)

Day #18 Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hi.

Day #19 Tell someone how they’ve inspired you.

Day #20 For one day, say “thank you” for everything (the change the cashier hands you, the door someone holds for you, etc.) Why? Because the act of expressing gratitude for small things cultivates gratitude in YOU!


Day #21 Skip your afternoon coffee run and donate $5 to your favorite charity.

Day #22 Pay-it-forward by paying for an extra hour of parking when you pull out of that awesome spot on the street you scored. Can’t pay for parking? Pay something else forward (but nothing that costs more than $3-4!)

Day #23 Acknowledge that the homeless person you pass everyday is human, and ask if you can buy him a cup of coffee or a sandwich.

Day #24 Give out Valentine’s heart candies just because it’s fun (and throws mature adults for a loop!).

Day #25 Donate old (but not too old!) magazines to a local shelter/nursing home/community center…even the library!

Day #26 Show some kindness to a furry friend by volunteering to walk a dog at a local shelter for an hour.

Day #27 Put a $5 “shelter care package” together using travel sized toiletry items from the Dollar Tree.

Day #28 Take a meal to a friend or co-worker who’s not feeling well (ordering a pizza and having it delivered to them counts too).

64107-A-Simple-Act-Of-LoveDon’t forget to share your acts of kindness with us on Facebook and Twitter so that others can be inspired by what you do! Happy Valentine’s Day from Philly Gives! XOXO

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